Seismic Prospection and Monitoring

A major field of GEAmb’s expertise is related to geophysical exploration of the subsoil and seismic monitoring of both natural and induced seismicity. To these purposes, GEAmb applies fully effective non invasive methods. Monitoring services are also directed to the civil and structural engineering with respect to the response of buildings and structures.

GEAmb’s services in this field include:

  • Passive (e.g., REMI measurements, seismic arrays) and active (e.g., MASW, seismic refraction) geophysical surveys to explore the subsoil and determine its properties (e.g., VS,30)
  • Analysis of vibrations induced by anthropic and industrial activities
  • Seismic monitoring of buildings and structures

Major Experiences

  • Seismic monitoring of different municipalities in Tuscany, Piedmont, and Aosta Valley
  • Seismic monitoring of some quarries in Northwestern Italy (e.g., Voltaggio, Ellera)
  • Seismic monitoring of two dams in Northwestern Italy (Entracque, Beauregard)
  • Geophysical characterization of some slopes within the framework of a landslide hazard study in the Genoa province